How We Create a Healthier Space

Our Process for Homes and Commercial Spaces

The Healthy Builds process for protecting your space against harmful microorganisms focuses on modes of transmission – namely air quality, water quality and surface hygiene.

Our process begins with our team of certified technicians who will work with you to define and execute a solution that is customized to your needs, budget and environment.

Our goal is to make your environment clean and safe, allowing you less worry and more time to get back to what you enjoy doing.

Our Process


We take swab tests of high traffic areas in your space to indicate how close it is to being a “Healthy Space.”


We develop a personal, measurable protection plan based on the test data.


We implement the personal protection plan.

  1. Wipe down with high-quality microfiber
  2. Treat surfaces (Create self-cleaning surfaces)
  3. Establish a peerless air filtration program


We introduce new hand hygiene and laundry products



To help you maintain your “Healthy Space,” we’ll create a convenient schedule for returning to your home or business to monitor your air and surface quality.